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Thomas Littrell

Thomas Littrell Blacksmithing Artist

Featured Artist from Sarasota, Fl.  

    Thomas found his passion for blacksmithing in early 2016. With diligence, hard work, and taking professional blacksmithing classes, He has developed a style of his own..

   Fully Dedicated to blacksmithing, Thomas Allowed a creative flow of inspired thought and imagination to manifest into amazing possibilities that have become his reality! 

Dream it, Believe it, Accept yourself, Be Grateful,  and Create your own amazing life experience!

    Thomas is now Teaching Beginners and Advanced Classes to those interested in Learning the Art of Blacksmithing! 

Book a class today for an experience you'll remember for a lifetime! 

Basic Blacksmithing Classes


Gift Certificates Available!
Beginner Blacksmithing Class!
This 4 hour Curriculum includes forge safety and use of a bituminous coal forge or propane forge. You will learn to create multiple items in a short period of time by Hand forging some of the following items:

1.Drip bucket handle
2.Decorative "S" hook
3.Coat hook. aka. "J" hook
4.Nail Hooks
5.Forge/fire poker
6.Forge/fire scoop shovel
7.Steak Turner
8.Towel Bar
9.Bar with Hooks
10.Horseshoe Gate Handle

This is a 4hr. Course with all required supplies included!

You will learn to forge some of the above listed items. You will also take home these cool items that you've hand made yourself along with the basic knowledge to get you started forging.
Class may go over 4hrs depending on the student(s) ability to catch on quickly, this is ok with me as i want you to learn properly.

Bladesmithing Classes


These classes range from 1 day up to 3 days. Where you will learn to forge, file, sand, and polish your blade. You will also set, sculpt, and finish a handle for some knives.. 

  The idea is for you to leave here with a finished blade. So, basic blacksmithing skills are needed before taking the advanced bladesmith class! 

 Price range- $299 -$550  bring a 2nd person 50%  Drinks will be provided daily but feel free to bring your own refreshments if you like..


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Scheduled Classes & Events


4 hr. Blacksmithing Class. SOLD OUT

9am - 1pm

Litt Forge

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4 hr. Blacksmithing Class. SOLD OUT

Fundamentals of forging.

You will learn a lot of basic skills in this class including: Safety,  drawing out, tapering, scrolling, bending, rolling, drifting, hot cutting, and much more! You will learn these skills and put them to use making you own very cool products from a vast array of options that will be set for you!  Come have fun forging! 

9am - 1pm

Litt Forge

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